GOLD RIBBON BBQFEST of Greater Green Bay

This past weekend I had the opportunity to put my smoking skills to the test vs. some nationally ranked teams. Teams like Porky Butts BBQ, Iowa’s Smokey D’S BBG and Clark Crew BBQ. These teams are the top three ranked teams in the nation, and just to be fair there were other top ranked teams amongst the 65 teams that competed.

On Saturday with my turn-ins I thought we had a good day, the food tasted well and the presentations in my mind were fantastic. Well the judges had a different opinion and in this contest it was their opinion that mattered the most. We did not place at all on Saturday. So once we got the judges comments we went to work for Sundays competition.

On Sunday we made several changes to the heat and cooking times, made our turn-ins which at this point we did not think was going to go well. Got everything packed and loaded in the trailer, and just waited around for the awards. While waiting I noticed myself nodding off because of the long weekend. Once the awards began they started going through the top 15 in Ribs, no calls yet, then when they got to the top 5; I hear Smokin Pimp called to the front along with the other top 5 finishers. First they named the 5th place finisher, then the 4th and now the 3rd…. I am still standing!!! Smokin Pimp took 2nd place, I ended up beating all 5 top national teams! I was so pumped…. being up on that stage taking 2nd place in Ribs!

2nd Place Winner

I have entered 3 competitions this year, and my ribs have place 3rd and 2nd in two of them.

Just remember my friends, “if you’re not cookin with smoke, you’re just bakin”


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