I have always enjoyed cooking and eating. I bought a bullet style electric smoker to try my hand at mastering the art of smoking meat. I have tried several different rubs and sauces, then was able to find the right combination. After several failed attempts of Pulled Pork, Chicken and Brisket I finally believe I have come up with a winning combination of temperature and cook times.

After talking to a friend we decided to build my own portable smoker. The smoker box is 4ft by 3ft by 3.5ft. It has a lower firebox, and was designed off of a reverse flow theory. This heated baffle in our cooker, acts as a grease pan. The cooking racks are placed on top of griddle. “As the meat cooks” the fat renders out. It sears and sizzles on a hot griddle, thus pure magic. The meat stays moist, becomes tender and is flavorful beyond compare. And it’s less filling. What a winning combination.

 It was during this time I decided to perfect my grandfather’s baked Bean recipe and decided to supply food for several parties. The response has been fabulous.  

During the building process I was able to watch a couple smoking events on the TV. After seeing what they were doing I decided to try a competition. In 2015 I entered my first competition. After going into this event not knowing what to really expect I did very well. I was able to talk to other competitors and learn from my own mistakes.

Green Bay’s Smokin Pimp was started in the fall of 2015. We smoke Pork, Chicken and Beef. If you want it smoked, we will smoke it. We have learned that low and slow is the only way to cook! This process allows the meat to break down and melts in your mouth!